Friday, July 17, 2009

Wow, so it's already been a year and this blog is still alive. Or more like, I am still alive. Didn't really think I'd make it intact through such a crazy year as this has been but as you can see I did(unless someone's hacking into my account and writing foolishness on my blog. In that case I'm most likely dead and you should all be mourning for me). For the most part this has been a year full of changes, crazyness, and emotional decisions. I either met great people I didn't know before, (Mel, Tina, Nat, Eman) or refreshed a bond with the ones I did know, (Ozie, Esty, Fran). I got to live in a different contry, learn a third language, and a different culture, (I'll love you forever Spain).
I had a wild, twisted, angry, funny, foolish, sad, loud, wasted, tired, difficult, emotional year. A year that I'll always remeber with a smile and nostaglia.
Happy Birthday to Me.

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